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APPLICATION There are two primary methods of introducing Roof Odor Solutions Additive into storage tanks. THE APPRORPIATE RATIO OF ADDITIVE TO ASPHALT: 1 GALLON (3.8L) TO 6000 GALLONS (22,800L) OF LIQUID AC NOTE: For both applications the Roof Odor Solutions Additive MUST be introduced AFTER blowing roof Asphalt to realize the desired results!

1) Introduction into previously filled holding tanks:

When adding Roof Odor Solutions Additive to previously filled tanks, an accurate volume of contained material is essential. Determine the amount of asphalt in the filled tank and determine the correct ration of Roof Odor Solutions Additive to introduce. Once the correct ration has been determined the circulation system should be activated. After a brief period of circulation add the Roof Odor Solutions Additive to the mixture. Allow the circulation system to continue to process both products. After introduction of the additive the best results will occur with continued circulation.

Do not introduce additional asphalt until the volume of the tank has been depleted. Always maintain safe operating volumes to avoid equipment damage.

2) Introduction into empty holding tanks:

Determine the volume of the tank and the correct ration of Roof Odor Solutions Additive. With the tank empty, introduce a small amount of the additive. Once the additive is introduced begin to introduce both the remaining additive and the asphalt as concurrently as possible. For the best results an in-line injection of the additive is preferred.

After the mixture is added to the tank ensure that the circulation system is active and remains on during storage. Determine an adequate depletion volume, when that point has been reached additional mixture may be added. Avoiding adding additional asphalt to the currently filled tank unless the additive is premixed and introduced at the correct ratio.

FOR OPTIMUM RESULTS A POST BLOWN IN-LINE INJECTION SYSTEM IS SUGGESTED. An in-line system reduces the possibility for human error and ensures a consistent end product. Unsatisfactory results have been noted from attempts to mix the additive into a storage tank with no circulation system. Roof Odor Solutions Inc. offers technical support and outside resources for establishing an in-line system.