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About Asphalt Solutions®

It's not just a good neighbor policy. Keeping odors down at asphalt plants does translate into happier communities, but happy communities can translate into more work for asphalt producers and contractors. Because members of the asphalt industry strive to be good neighbors, producers, and industry associations alike continually seek to minimize odor as they take on more work. It is because of this, A.J. Ronyak, president of Asphalt Solutions Inc., began a quest to find a true odor suppressant when working for Thompson-McCully Co. in 1998.


After much experimentation with different formulas, Asphalt Solutions Additive was finally developed and sent to NCAT (National Center for Asphalt Technology) for extensive testing. When the results were in, they showed Asphalt Solutions Additive to be a true odor suppressant that works at the molecular level, acting as an "oxygen scavenger", and simply does not allow the odor-causing molecules to form.

It was from the success of this product that Asphalt Solutions developed an odor suppressant for use in the roofing industry. We offer our Roof Odor Solutions Additive for use with roofing asphalt; we have customers using it in bulk carton applications, post-blown asphalt mix, and shingle production. Asphalt Solutions Additive and Roof Odor Solutions Additive both hold U.S., Canadian and International Patents and are in use at terminals, plants, and manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

Our products have undergone testing in labs at major refineries, as well as repeated testing at NCAT for various applications, including great success with rubberized asphalt. We also offer a new product that is being used by many facilities in the Pacific Northwest that meets the tough environmental requirements of that region, our ASEUC formulation. Call or email us for test results and more information on that new, revolutionary product.

One other product that was developed as a result of inquiries from the agricultural industry is our AG-ODOR Orange Juice. Proven successful for use in cattle, swine, and poultry farm odor control, it is used extensively throughout the U.S. in the pet market by "pooper scoopers". It has been nicknamed "Miracle in a Bottle" by its users and is also being utilized by waste removal companies in their storage facilities. Our company offers many solutions to your odor problems, give us a call or drop us an email for your solution.