How We Found the Superior Solution to Suppressing Industrial Odors

The Discovery The discovery occurred in May of 1998 at one of Thompson-McCully's asphalt plants...

There was one tank of hot-mix asphalt that was treated and one that wasn't. We poured some untreated hot-mix onto the ground out of the discharge chute and smelled it; it smelled like asphalt. Then we switched to the other tank and waited about five minutes for our additive to go through the drum. We discharged some of that mix as well and Mr. Thompson bent down to smell it. He stood up with the biggest smile on his face and said, "I think you've got something here." Instead of the offensive asphalt odor, there was no smell at all. The desired results had been achieved.


Next, we had the additive tested at the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT), Auburn University, Auburn, Ala. Initial research at NCAT indicated that the use of the additive appeared to reduce and/or improve HMA odor. So, what we have is a fantastic way of reducing the noxious odors of hot-mix asphalt with no ill effects on the end product. This is greatly appreciated by the people that have to work with it, or that live near one of these hot-mix plants

Since its inception, we have conducted rigorous testing, refining, and improving how Asphalt Solutions® interacts with asphalt emission chemistries, an asphalt cement additive that greatly reduces the odor of hot mix asphalt. There are currently over 200 hot-mix contractors, AC terminal facilities, and oil refiners utilizing Asphalt Solutions®®.