For over 22 years Asphalt Solutions has been providing odor control solutions in the asphalt and roofing industry, as well in creosote production.  We have always tried to put customer service in the forefront, part of our goal has been to maintain fair pricing for our products.  Over the last 2 years the cost of raw materials has been steadily increasing and we have attempted to absorb these costs and not pass them on to our customers.  We have not had price increases for our products since we started in 1998, but as of June 1, 2022 the cost of our raw materials will be increasing by 30%.  Because of this drastic increase the price for our products will be 15% higher.  Hopefully this will be a temporary measure and production costs will level out.  We appreciate our customers continued business and will continue to provide a quality product.

Asphalt Solutions Inc. is proud to announce that we have partnered with AlGol Chemicals in Finland to distribute our time-tested odor suppressant Asphalt Solutions Additive. Algol Chemicals is leading the way in Europe, developing innovative and high-performance asphalt products for road construction and maintenance.  Algol first used Asphalt Solutions Additive in their facilities in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Estonia in 2020 with successful results, leading the way to offer other countries the opportunity to solve any odor control issues they may be having associated with the asphalt paving and roofing industries.  Asphalt Solutions Additive was first patented in 2002 for use in paving asphalt production, followed by our Roof Odor Additive for roofing asphalt applications which was granted its patent in 2006.  We look forward to a successful future with AlGol Chemicals in the markets they serve.